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Technology & Data for
Winning Campaigns

Net Global Impact  has been a leader in developing technology and harnessing data used in political campaigns on both sides of the aisle—from the county level up to the White House. Our flagship campaign software, Campaign Manager™, is the only three-in-one, cloud-based campaign relationship management platform available. It’s all you need for campaign compliance, fundraising and accounting reporting.

Campaign Contribution empowers political campaigns, nonprofits,
PACs and more to securely accept online donations.

Features include

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Real-time monitoring

PCI & FEC Compliant

Seamless integration

Fraud-Secure Software

A Leader In Public Affairs Solutions


Public Opinion Research

Debate Preparation


Use of Candidate(s)

Press/Media operations

Internal communication


Rallies & Public Events

Field operations

Direct voter contact

Election Day activities

About Us

Understanding the complex dynamics of the Senegalese electorate will be essential to designing a winning strategy. Our intention would be to use local and regional talent for this effort, with Aristotle staff acting in an advisory capacity, taking responsibility for survey design, the quality of fieldwork methodology and the interpretation of results.

Survey research data, when combined with the voter registry and past election results, would allow us to build a dynamic model of the electorate. Such models provide campaigns with important tactical guidance as to who the most likely voters may be and where they can be found. We typically use these models to determine where to focus resources, while also allowing us to refine our tactics and targets as the campaign unfolds.

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