Security organization system (SOS)


Security organization system is a security provider. The company’s technology- agnostic approach ensures all security solutions. It specializes in guarding, cash in transit and ATM replenishment services.

The goal of security organization system was to have a solution to access and monitor activities and data, related to cash in transit, ATM replenishment and guarding.


BATech has launched their system digitally which includes

  • A web portal to organize information separately for cash in transit.
  • Mobile application with advanced solutions for guarding and ATM replenishment services.

In this regard, specialists from BATech had digitized whole system and created user friendly mobile application for guarding and ATM replenishment. BATech has setup a web portal for cash in transit, to access the process of cash transfer from pickup to delivery. Cash in transit addresses all aspects including cash transfer, detection of vehicles and their timing.

Mobile application helps to achieve comprehensive management of records for guard attendance. Managing activities this way helps to balance risks of time and trouble, contributing to higher productivity. Complaints regarding guard’s activity can be accessed in the application, thus maintaining transparency.

ATM replenishment order lists in the application can be used to locate their activities and location of ATM. ATM’s maintenance in this way and having eye on all activities minimizes chance of human error resulting in customer satisfaction with faster transactions.


Technology Stack

  • Frontend and Backend : Core Blazor Server Framework
  • Databases :MS SQL Server 2016
  • Mobile Application :React- Native
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