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Good corporate citizenship means being intentional and thoughtful about the values, we generate as a company—not only for our shareholders, but also for our people, our planet, and future generations. It means applying the same level of commitment, rigor, and sincerity to changing lives as we do to building cutting-edge technology for our customers.

Through dedication and hard work, we will become a leading global company. Our commitment to our partners is to be the best, most flexible supplier, with the capability to adapt to changing market demands. In a very short span of time, we look forward to an outlook of a very promising future.

Culturally, we invest in our people through ongoing career development, continuous learning and diversity and inclusion initiatives programs. These efforts earned us great rewards.

In this era of overwhelming competition, we provide our clients with the best possible tailored solutions to suit their needs. The appeasement of our clients is the trait by which we measure our quality of service.
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Hassan Bin Farrukh

Chief Executive officer
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BA Tech

Message by Chairman

Pakistan is a country with enormous hard working and intelligent human resource and has undoubtedly great potential for its economic growth. The rapid transformation that our world experiences through new technologies, presents itself in every aspect of our lives. Our lifestyles and business models are changing radically. With this in mind, we are focusing our efforts towards future. We try to observe this transformation correctly and strengthen our functions that will help us adapt to this change. We have to engage in business projects for digital future and creating new platforms through which we can develop innovative business models.

Being responsive to the rapidly evolving needs of our clients is essential to securing their trust and maintaining a long-term relationship. We have great advantage in every area with the capabilities of our managers and employees, the entrepreneurial spirit in our genes and our innovative hardware and applications. To benefit from this advantage efficiently towards our future, we need to develop our organization, our human resources and our infrastructure and system investments further.

We recognize the importance of upholding international standards and best practices that promote responsible business conduct. We will manage our businesses with a calculated, proactive and well-advised approach, analyzing the ongoing changes accurately and taking steps that will provide us with the flexibility we will need in our positions. Without making any concession from our innovative and pioneering character, we will concentrate on our business and continue to create value for our stakeholders and our ecosystem.
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Air Cdre (Retd.) Farrukh Bashir

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